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A Passionate & Effective Advocate

Why is Jack Right for La Mesa City Council?

I have advocated passionately and effectively for environmental protection, healthy communities, human rights, and justice. Because of recent unrest in La Mesa I feel I need to do more for my community. With my skills and experience I can help the city be more responsive to your concerns and our shared challenges. As your councilmember I will build trust and accountability in City Hall. I want the people of La Mesa to know that the city is working for YOU.


What La Mesa leaders say about Jack


"Jack consistently speaks the truth..."


“Jack consistently speaks the truth, acts honorably, and is transparent.”

--Janet Castaños PhD, Dean of Grossmont College, Retired.


"Over 30 years of public service..."


“With over 30 years of public service and a lifetime of working to improve communities, he is well qualified to serve us.”

--Art Madrid, former Mayor of La Mesa.


"We can count on Jack to speak up..."


“We can count on Jack to speak up for those in need, including residents who don’t have deep pockets or loud voices. Jack Shu will make sure our government works for everyone.”

--Bonnie Baranoff, Chairperson, La Mesa’s Citizen Task Force on Homelessness.


"an active advocate for environmental, homelessness and social justice..."


“Jack has been an active advocate for environmental, homelessness and social justice issues within La Mesa for the last 30 years.”

--La Mesa City Councilmember, Dr. Akilah Weber

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